Lumon balcony facade solutions for professionals and consumers

Lumon is a family-owned, international group focused on design, sales, production and installation of frameless balcony facade and terrace products. We want to help our customers with their living comfort, improve and extend the usage of their outdoor spaces. We create better homes with over 40 years of experience. Our headquarters are located in Kouvola, Finland, with subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Russia, Canada, USA and partners in many more countries.

Solutions for both new construction and renovated buildings

All Lumon products are suitable not only for apartment buildings, they are also suitable for town houses, row houses and cottages, for both new and refurbished buildings. Lumon balcony glazings, railings and roofs, together with the blinds, form a modern and impressive balcony facade, pioneering European architecture. Aluminium and glass are durable but light materials, which can be used to create graceful, stylish and unimpending complexes. This allows for impressive and modern balcony facades, which confrom to demands of construction of the future. Balcony facades return the investment quickly, in as few as ten years. There are many proven benefits of balcony glazing; it significantly decreases the lifetime costs of the property, doubles the maintenance interval by covering the balcony structures, and saves energy. Neither can the perks of glazing to the residents be dismissed; more space, a chance to spend time on the balcony earlier in spring and later in autumn, and protection from environmental conditions and pollen.


Lumon balcony facade products establish and highlight the unique architecture of a building. Aluminium and glass are durable but simultaneously light materials, which can be used to create graceful, stylish and unimpending complexes. Aluminium parts of the railing have been processed with primer suitable for outdoor use. Matte polyester powder is used as a top coat. The profiles are powder coated according to the RAL color chart by AkzoNobel. All fasteners used in the system are made from non-corrosive materials.

Glass or various sheet metal types are available for claddings. The most commonly used cladding is 4+4 laminated glass, but up to 12mm (6+6) claddings are possible to use. Lumon Oy offers 20 different glass tones to choose from and in addition Vanceva Design chart can be used. The picket rail is always used with a room high glazing.

Plastic components are made of thermoplastic. The plastic colour is always dark grey.

EPDM-seals are dark grey or black.

Our method of operation

At Lumon, we control the entire supply chain from product development to design, sales and installation. Already over one million happy customers are a proof of that. There is no need to worry about responsibility issues when working with Lumon, since we answer for the whole process by ourselves. Production and structure design of aluminium railing elements is always included in Lumon Oy deliveries. Each site is handled as its own project, where site-specific features, such as different methods of installation and rainwater or smoke processing solutions are taken into account. Site-specific structural calculations complying with official regulations can be done. Extra wind loads caused to railing structures by the glazing is always considered in dimensioning.

Preparing the railing profiles takes place in Lumon Oy's modern production facilities in Finland, Spain or Canada. The products are assemblied on-site from ready-made components. Preliminally prepared profiles are parcelled in balcony or terrace-specific packages and delivered directly to their destination.

The Lumon system is a secure and safe overall solution, where local circumstances and official regulations are taken into consideration.