Lumon Glazing types

The Lumon glazings

Lumon Glazings are divided in two types. The Lumon Glazing Retractable and The Lumon Glazing sliding

The Lumon Glazing Retractable has multiple features. It can be fitted with 3 types of telescopic profiles and has two kinds of lower profiles. The Glazing can be installed on top of a railing or as a room high glazing. The lower profile can be a low threshold or even embedded totally.

When the height of the building, the location or the glazing height set special requirements the components are replaced with stronger ones. With the Lumon Glazing Retractable, we are able to provide glazings for all balconies in the entire world. We also need glazing products with sliding glass panes, The Lumon Glazing Sliding has been developed for this purpose. The Lumon Glazing Sliding can be installed on top of a railing or as a room high glazing.

The Lumon Glazing Sliding is low bearing, as the Lumon Glazing Retractable is upper bearing and need stable upper constructions. With these products, we can cover both terraces and balconies.

The Lumon Glazing Systems consist of two horizontal aluminium profiles attached to the balcony ceiling and the floor, parapet or a railing. Toughened glasspanes are attached to the profiles through separate mechanisms allowing the panes to slide and to turn (Lumon Glazing Retractable), or just slide (Lumon Glazing Sliding).

The panes of the glazings are 6, 8, 10 or even 12mm toughened glass.The Table of Recommended Glass Pane Sizes shows the optimal glass thicknesses for each balcony. Toughened glass is not easily broken but in case it does break, it will crumble into small, blunt-edged fragments that do not pose a serious risk of injury. The glazing systems consist of glazings with upper and lower bearing. The plastic parts of the glazing are always dark grey.


Ventilation on the balcony is provided through the 2-3 mm gaps between the panes. The first pane can be locked in the ventilating position where it remains ajar. IMPORTANT! Ventilation is essential to prevent the condensation of moisture and to keep the balcony structures in good condition.


Lumon terrace glazing provides protection from wind and weather. However, due to necessary ventilation, the glazing is not fully airtight and, in certain conditions, rain or snow may enter the terrace.

Thermal insulation

The Lumon glazing systems consist of uninsulated aluminium profiles and single glass panes. A glazed terrace is not a warm space and its characteristics are not comparable to those of normal warm living spaces. Even after the terrace has been glazed, heat insulation of the building continues to be provided by the insulated wall, the windows facing the terrace and the terrace door.

Noise control

Lumon glazings reduce traffic noise by 8-16 dB. The results vary due to the thickness of the panes and the environmental conditions. A decrease of 10 dB corresponds to half as much audible noise.


Both the inner and outer surfaces of the panes can be washed with a mild detergent.


Lumon glazings are custom made for each terrace. All materials and components related to the basic product (upper and lower profiles and the equipped glazing panes) are supplied by the factory, whereas accessories are delivered with the order. Fasteners are not included in the order.

Official regulations

Balcony glazing systems are subject to permission. The local official regulations relating to balcony glazing systems must be checked beforehand. Balcony glazing causes minimal changes to the visual appearance of the building as it is made of transparent, colourless glass and no vertical profiles are used.

Feature Table:

Features Lumon Glazing Retractable Lumon Glazing Retractable (strong) Lumon Glazing Retractable Low treshold Lumon Glazing Sliding
Bearing Upper Upper Upper Lower
Max height on top of balustrade 2500 2500 2500 2500
Max height from floor to ceiling 3000 3000 3000 3000
Pane width mm 280-1000 280-1000 280-1000 300-1200
Max weight/pane 50kg 75kg 50kg / *75kg 65kg
Max amount of panes

12+12 (and 2+2 fixed)

12+12 (and 2+2 fixed)

12+12 (and 2+2 fixed)

5+5 (and 5+5 fixed)

System angles 80-280° 80-280° 80-280° 80-280°
Start and end angles 40-140° 40-140° 40-140° 40-140°
Opening angle for opening glass 60-130° 80-105° 60-130° / *80-105° -
Corner bypass ( 2+ panes on opening side)



Corner bypass to 1 pane side YES YES NO NO

Lock for latch

12mm glass NO YES NO / *YES NO
6mm glass YES NO YES / *NO YES
Middle handle YES YES YES NO
Middle latch YES YES YES NO
Pane knobs for high glazings YES YES YES NO
Hinge relocation YES YES YES NO
Outwards opening YES YES YES NO
Vertical frames NO NO NO NO/YES
Embedding NO NO YES YES