Visor Blinds

Visor pleated blinds for a balcony, terrace or ceiling provide sun protection and privacy. Each blind is custom made for a single glass panel, allowing them to move together smoothly. Our sunroom shades can add style, as well make your room more functional providing you with all the necessary control whether you want to reduce lighting, protection from UV rays or some privacy. The outer fabric of each blind has a thin metal film that helps to reflect sunlight, keeping the balcony cooler.

The blinds are easy to adjust. With the high glazing blinds and roof blinds a telescopic adjusting rod is provided. The low glazing and railing blinds have small adjusting handles

Our blinds can be opened from the top or bottom and lock in any position. When fully retracted, the blinds are hardly visible, leaving unobstructed views.

Visor blinds are available for purchase only in conjunction with the following Lumon products:

  • Glazings
  • Railings
  • Roofs

The Visor Blinds are included in all Lumon product dwg.s

Aluminum profiles

The aluminum profiles are polyester powder coated. The standard colors are white RAL9010, light gray RAL9006 and dark gray DB703. The profiles are similar in all types of blinds.

End plugs

The end plugs are made of high-grade quality plastic, and the colour options are light grey and dark grey. Some blind types have a restricted colour range for the end plugs.

Technical sun shade information

Lumon blinds are antistatic and made of 100-percent polyester.

R Light reflection: The percentage of light that the fabric reflects. The higher percentage, the more light will be reflected back outside.
A Light absorption: The percentage of light that the fabric absorbs into it. The higher percent-age, the more light will be absorbed into fabric
T Light transmission: The percentage of light that penetrates the fabric. The higher percent-age, the more light goes through the fabric.
Semi transparent
Black out
Flame retardant
Suitable for balconies and terraces
Volume fabrics

White transparent

Grey transparent

Natural white


Support fabrics

Bright white


Light beige


Dark grey