Laminated glass

Laminated glass

The cladding material used in glass railings is either laminated or laminated and toughened glass.

Glass weight:

– 8 mm: 20 kg/m²

– 10 mm: 25 kg/m²

– 12 mm: 30 kg/m²

Laminated glass is available from 4+4 to 6+6mm thick. Horizontal edges are flat edge polished and vertical edges are flat edge and arris polished. There are two color series for laminated glasses. In the Lumon IG series there are many standard color options in different tones. By using the different shades of Vanceva Design the interlayer can be combined to produce vast variety on different alternatives. Maximum size of the glass is 1500x1200 mm. However, the size of the glass is defined case-bycase in each project.

Note! In case that laminated glass has more than one interlayer, or the other glass is a stippolyte glass of sand blasted, when placing the order it must be clearly stated which side of glass is facing outwards.

Laminated glass colours Due to technical reasons in printing, the color tones in nature differ from the tones shown alongside.

IG 87 Clear, IG 88 Clear

IG 65 Opal IG 80 Opal

IG 50 Green, IG 56 Green,

IG 72 Green,, IG 73 Green,

IG 08 Bronze, IG 09 Bronze

IG 28 Bronze, IG 55 Bronze

IG 49 Blue, IG 53 Blue

IG 70 Blue, IG 71 Blue

IG 20 Grey, IG 27 Grey

IG 41 Grey IG 42 Grey

The figure in the code indicates the light transmission percentage.

E.g IG 73 = light transmission 73 %

Vanceva Design series

Following colors are available as standard: white non-transparent Polar White 000F, blue True Blue 000D and red Deep Red 000C. It can be combined 1-4 inter layers per lamination. There are more colors in the table below. More detailed information about the color shades is available through the survey offer.

Laminated glass Vanceva colours Due to technical reasons in printing, the color tones in nature differ from the tones shown alongside.

0001 Coral Rose 0,76

0005 Ruby RED 0,48

000C Deep Red 0,15

0004 Sahara Sun 0,78

0008 Golden Light 0,85

000E Tangerine 0,41

000F Polar White 0,07

000DTrue Blue 0,12

0003 Smoke Grey 0,78

0007 Evening Shadow 0,49

000G Black 0,0

0006 Sapphire 0,52

0002 Aquamarine 0,77

000A Cool White 0,81

The figure after the code indicates the visible light transmission (e.g. = 0,79 means, that 79% of visible light transmit glasses and laminating films).