Lumon railing types

Postless Lumon Railing

The fastening method of the railing is based on horizontal stabilization. A horizontally stabilized railing is fastened from the ends of the handrail to the balcony walls. This structure is the load bearing one. The lower glass frame is attached with a lighter fastening since the the load bearing capacity needed is minimal. The handrail can be strengthened with support posts. The amount of support posts needed depends on environmental conditions on site and local regulations. The lower glassframe also works as a fastener, no additional brackets are needed. The cladding is always on the outside of the supporting posts.

It is not possible to choose a double frame to a postless balustrade. Cladding replacement must be done by the whole glass pane. Variation can be created by ornamenting the glass or the panes (eg. by silk press, digiprint or sandblasting)

Due to the postlessness of the balustrade, neither fixed upper parts for height reduction, nor slab overhang are possible.

Lumon post railing

Lumon post railing is installed with a system based on mast attachment. Post distribution is affected by loads due to environmental conditions on site, properties of posts and the fastening method. At its most typical the distribution is 800...1500mm.

The railing element can be installed either on top or to the facade of a balcony slab. When attached to the slab facade, hat bracket is to be used, while a steel pedestal is used when the element is attached on top of the slab. Slab thickness must be between 160 and 300 mm.