Lumon Glazing Sliding

Lumon Glazing Sliding

  • A balcony and terrace glazing system with sliding glasses that scales according to the space, demands of the conditions, and customer needs.​

  • The frameless glazing system has glasses that slide interleadingly and is lower bearing, that is developed for use worldwide on balconies and terraces. ​

  • The system consists of an upper and a lower aluminum profile which are mounted to the balcony ceiling and on handrail or floor. Toughened glass panes, with glass beads on the bottom, are mounted between the upper and lower profiles. ​

  • The glass panes slide open with the help of roller bearing components that are fixed to each glazing bead. ​

  • Vertical and lateral silicone and rubber sealing profiles are used to cover gaps and openings between the glazing system and the surrounding structures to ensure sufficient water, wind and sound proofing.​

Lumon Glazing Sliding

Lower bearing glazing product for normal conditions. The glass panes can be open both to the inside and outside. The glazing can be fitted with aluminium vertical frames or vertical seals.

The upper profile is attached to the ceiling by screwing trough the profile or to an overhang by using a separate continuous bracket. The lower profile is installed to the floor by screwing trough the profile. The lower profile can also be installed on top of a balustrade. Corrosion-resistant or stainless steel fasteners, approved by the manufacturer, must be used when attaching the system to the terrace structures. Rainwater is drained off by using water sills made of a plastic-coated steel or aluminium sheet. Seals can be used to cover the gap between the wall and the glazing.

Low glazings are installed on top or at the side of a balustrade.

High glazings are installed between the celing and the floor.

A: Lumon Glazing Sliding 3-railed installed on top of a balustrade

B: Lumon Glazing Sliding 3-railed

C: Lumon Glazing Sliding 5-railed

Handle types

Lower latch

A: Lower latch, can be fitted with a lock

Handle and counterparts

A: Glass counterpart

B: Wall profile counterpart

Pane knobs used only with the lower latch

A: Pane knob chamfered

B: Pane knob with seal

Sections of the Lumon Glazing Sliding Download dwg

A: 3-railed Glazing without vertical frames

B: 5-railed Glazing without vertical frames

C: 3-railed Glazing with vertical frames

D: 5-railed Glazing with vertical frames