Roof types

Lumon roofs are divided in two types, the Lumon VT3 and VT4. The VT3 is a heavier roof type developed for areas where snowload must be considered. The VT4 is a lighter roof version.


The VT3 is a standardized terrace system that consists of framework, side eaves and glazings. The side eaves are always 300nn wide if selected.


The VT4 is a standardized terrace system that consists of framework, roof and glazings. The width of the overhangs on the side and on the front can be adjusted from 70-600mm

The framework

The framework’s posts are placed in the corners of the terrace. As the span increases side posts are added to carry the front beam. The posts supporting the rear beam are placed next to the wall. The VT4 rear posts can be removed if the support is sufficient. The front beam carries the roof beams where toughened glass panes are fastened. All the aluminium profiles are polyester powder coated.

The roof

The roof glass must be divided, in case the depth of the roof is more than 4600mm. The Glass panes form a butt joint with a seal in between the panes. Maximum measure for a roof glass is 900x4495mm. Roof glass consists of at least 8mm toughened glass. Glass edges are rough -cut.

Aluminium composite (always 8mm) panels can be used for outcuts for chimneys etc.. The aluminium composite panel is available in RAL-colours.

Gable triangles are fitted where necessary with 6mm thick toughened opening glasses. The opening glass is attached to the groove in the side beam and the roof beam. Opening glasses are always two-part.

The standard colours for aluminium profiles are:

  • White RAL9016
  • Light grey RAL9006
  • Dark grey RAL7024

EPDM-rubber seals are used between the glass roof and wall of the house

Flashings are manufactured of plastic coated steel sheets, available in RR colours


The roofs can be fitted with sun blinds. The blinds are available in white or gray, both transparent and opaque. Snowguards are also available, always adhere to local authority regulations.

Rain water is drained by a rain water gutter that can be completed with drain pipes on either or both sides of the terrace.

Led-lights including power supply unit and led-strips.

Features VT3 VT4
Max width 14000mm 14000mm
Max Depth 5800mm 5800
Rear height 4000mm 4000mm
Roof angle 7°-28° 4°-20°
Side eaves 0 or 300mm 70-650mm
Front eaves 320mm 70-600mm