Lumon Roof VT3

Lumon roof VT3

The lumon roof VT3 consists of :
  • Frameworks
  • Roof
  • Side-eaves
  • Glazings

All profiles are made of aluminium. The front posts are 90x90mm, the rear posts 50x90mm. A middle post that divides the glazing, is made of a 90x90mm post. When a continuous glazing is needed, a 50x90mm post is used.

The roof beams and the glazing beads that are exposed to weather conditions are made of aluminium. The side- and front-eave pieces are made of cast aluminium. The roof glass is clear or coloured toughened glass. Maximum size of a roof glass is 900x4495mm. Roofs deeper than this, are made of two glass panes. In the gap between the panes an extension seal ensures that the roof ramains waterproof. The gable glasses are always 2-part 6mm toughened glass. The rain gutter is included in a standard delivery, drain pipes and snow guards are optional

Lumon Roof VT3 with and without side-eaves

Placing of the Lumon Roof VT3 at a building
Lumon Roof VT3 models Download dwg
Rectangular roof
Two-winged lefthanded roof
Two-winged righthanded roof
Rectangular roof Consists of two model 1. rectangular roofs
Short rear posts